The Self Love Purity Test
Are you an amateur or a professional at the ancient craft of self pleasure?
Takes about 22 mins | Taken 621 times | 90% liked it

What's Your Slut Score?
Been called a slut? Concerned you might be a slut? Now you can get the definitive diagnosis. Men and women equally welcome.
Takes about 55 mins | Taken 157 times | 84% liked it

The Sexual Personality Test
Discover what your preferences, desires and experiences in the world of sex say about you.
Takes about 29 mins | Taken 13,149 times | 87% liked it

The Sexual Fantasies Personality Test
What do your fantasies say about you?
Takes about 35 mins | Taken 7,415 times | 85% liked it

The Virtual Sex Purity Test
Compare your cyber skills.
Takes about 25 mins | Taken 136 times | 86% liked it

The World's Longest Sex Purity Test
You've tried the rest, now try the best. Over 1,000 questions will give you the definitive word on how much sexual innocence and experience you have.
Takes about 36 mins | Taken 5,303 times | 87% liked it

The Everything Test
Our most popular test, The Everything Test, returns with version 3.
Takes about 26 mins | Taken 6,318 times | 87% liked it

The Life Experience Test
Take a look at everything you've done in your life and see how much of the world's experiences have been a part of your life.
Takes about 16 mins | Taken 5,793 times | 85% liked it

The Drinking Purity Test
How close are you and the bottle? Find out here.
Takes about 3 mins | Taken 1,232 times | 79% liked it

The Attractiveness Test
Being attractive is much more than physical, and there are a huge variety of people out there. Find out how attractive you are to them.
Takes about 15 mins | Taken 31,422 times | 84% liked it

Your Life Report Card
It's finals week: see what your life's report card would look like.
Takes about 7 mins | Taken 10,262 times | 80% liked it

What's your dating style?
Dating means many different things to people, and many have varied expectations for their first date. See what your style is.
Takes about 3 mins | Taken 1,015 times | 78% liked it

The Party Purity Test
Think you're a true party animal? Find out how you compare to your friends.
Takes about 3 mins | Taken 670 times | 76% liked it

Kissing Purity Test
Kissing is an art. How much experience do you have?
Takes about 3 mins | Taken 7,496 times | 74% liked it

How sexually pure are you?
See how sexually pure you are compared to your peers.
Takes about 3 mins | Taken 2,624 times | 75% liked it

Are you overweight or underweight?
Your body mass index (BMI) is, to simplify, calculated by taking your weight and dividing it by your height. Calculate yours and see how it compares.
Takes about 1 mins | Taken 2,771 times | 68% liked it

Are you a naughty or a nice girl?
Find out if people think of you as a good girl or more of the naughty type.
Takes about 2 mins | Taken 1,617 times | 72% liked it

Which underground music genre are you?
Find out which underground music genre best represents you.
Takes about 2 mins | Taken 228 times | 75% liked it

Which of the seven deadly sins are you?
Find out which of the deadly sins suits you.
Takes about 3 mins | Taken 1,728 times | 73% liked it

How will you die?
Find out which of your behaviors will finally cause you to bite the bullet.
Takes about 2 mins | Taken 1,369 times | 68% liked it

Which social class do you belong to?
America is often called a class-free society, but there are still some differences between social groups that could be considered social classes. Find out where you fit.
Takes about 3 mins | Taken 4,176 times | 66% liked it

The Social Networking Purity Test
Have you mastered the social networking scene? Think you might be a Facebook addict, or are you still on MySpace? Check out your score.
Takes about 3 mins | Taken 424 times | 66% liked it

The Spring Break Purity Test
Are you a spring break expert?
Takes about 1 mins | Taken 136 times | 57% liked it

Are you a redneck?
Take the test and find out how likely is it that you're secretly (or openly) a redneck.
Takes about 1 mins | Taken 601 times | 56% liked it

What would your life's movie be rated?
If your life were made into a movie, what would it be rated?
Takes about 2 mins | Taken 4,171 times | 58% liked it

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